Scott Peters joined SPC Financial® in December 2023, as a Salesforce and Database Administrator.

With a distinguished 20-year career in the United States Army, Scott brings a wealth of experience and leadership skills honed through various worldwide assignments. His diverse background encompasses roles in clinical & research laboratory management, safety enforcement, personnel management, and military operations, while always striving to improve operational efficiency.

As a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Business Analyst, Scott brings a forward-thinking approach and plays a pivotal role in optimizing business operations at SPC Financial®. His unique blend of technical expertise and administrative skills ensures seamless integration of technology solutions with business objectives.

Scott holds an Associate of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science from the George Washington University. His multifaceted background and dedication to excellence position him as a valuable asset to the SPC Financial® team.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Scott currently resides in Rockville, Maryland with his wife, Pinky, and their three children. Beyond his professional pursuits, Scott is an avid beekeeper, who also enjoys cooking and running.