Wealth Preservation

Strategies and techniques for preserving wealth for community, spouses, and heirs.

College Funding

Utilizing different methods for accumulating funds and paying for college expenses.

Asset Allocation

An extremely important process to help ensure the portfolio allocation is aligned with risk tolerance and is tax-efficient.

Planned Gifting

A systematic strategy to help pass wealth onto heirs in a tax-efficient manner.

Legacy Planning

Arranging your financial affairs to help accomplish your personal objectives for your heirs.

Income Tax Planning

Tax laws evolve every year. It is important to ensure that your income tax planning incorporates these changes.*

Portfolio Management

Within a portfolio allocation, specific decisions need to be made to help manage risk, income tax liability, and other financial considerations.

Second Opinion

We are happy to review existing portfolios for clients and their family, friends, and associates.

Risk Management (Insurance)

There are multiple risks. These risks can either be assumed or transferred to a third party. Risks that could have a significant impact should be transferred.

Succession Planning

If you have an ownership interest in a business, it is important to ensure the continuity of the business in the possible event of a business owners premature death, disability, or retirement.

Retirement Planning

There are two important phases: accumulation & distribution. During the accumulation phase, it is important to maximize the available tax incentives. During the distribution phase, it is important to consider potential tax consequences and/or Medicare premiums.

Estate Tax Planning

Various federal and State taxes may be applicable at death. In addition, there can be non-tax considerations for developing an Estate plan including the potential loss of government benefits by an heir; the need for guardianship provisions; the desire to protect a spouse and the goal of protecting an inheritance from creditor claims.

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