Nikki Enright joined SPC Financial® (SPC) as branch associate and Tax Administration Manager for Sella & Martinic (S&M). She works closely with the executive and administrative team to analyze and improve processes and procedures, address new challenges and opportunities. She also provides direction, oversight, and training to the tax administrative team to ensure SPC’s and S&M’s commitment to providing clients with exceptional service.

Nikki joined SPC with over 12 years of tax administration and billing experience in the accounting industry. Nikki is pursuing her B.S. degree in accounting along with a minor in Finance at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

Born in Ukraine, and growing up between the Ukraine and Congo, Nikki’s family settled in Silver Spring, MD, where she resides to this day. In her free time, Nikki loves spending time with her husband Stephen, young daughter, and dog. She has many hobbies, but is very much into nature, outdoor activities, watching movies, traveling, cooking, as well as drawing and video editing.