Edward G. Sella (Geoff) joined SPC Financial® (SPC) in 1983. He has spent the last four decades transforming SPC from a modest investment management and tax planning practice, into a highly specialized, nationally recognized and respected Independent SEC Registered Investment firm... equipped with a seasoned group of cross-trained wealth management, estate and tax planning advisors.

Mr. Sella has also spent more than two decades as a partner in Sella & Martinic, LLC (S&M) Certified Public Accountants and continues to advise, consult and educate those around him with his vast understanding of the financial world and the challenging financial obstacles they may face.

Geoff is dedicated to helping his expanding diverse client roster skillfully plan and execute their investment goals through estate and income tax planning programs, retirement, succession, college and legacy planning, portfolio management, asset transfer strategies as well as wealth management preservation programs.

Mr. Sella has received national recognition as one of the most respected, tax-integrated wealth management and Personal Financial Strategic Pioneers within the country.

Geoff continues to offer financial guidance to various individuals and organizations. He also strives to help guide and provide financial literacy to both his clients and business associates through community involvement, complimentary investment consultation meetings, Market Update seminars, Current Trends & News through timely newsletters as well as SPC hosted financial literacy forums.

Mr. Sella is a native Washingtonian and believes in giving back to the community through corporate sponsorships and good will. He is currently a Board Member of The Girl Scouts' Nation's Capital and chair of their Finance Committee. When he manages to find free time, outside of the financial spectrum, he spends time at the beach and catching up with his maturing family. Mr. Sella resides in Olney, Maryland with his wife Paula of 33 years, and two of his four sons.