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About Us

Mission & Vision

At SPC Financial® we believe clients deserve both exceptional service and professional performance, regardless of status or position. They also deserve simple solutions for their financial future rather than complex and confusing jargon.

Our mission is to help provide simplicity in a financial world of complexity.

We pride ourselves on the ability to be large enough to provide wealth management & tax efficient investment services required by our clients, yet small enough where we know them personally.


William E. Chatfield (Bill) recognized the complexity in an evolving financial world, dedicating himself in 1977 to becoming one of the first CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals in the Washington, D.C. area.

In 1983, Bill met Geoff, a gifted financial visionary and the two became associates and later partners.

Geoff’s CPA experience coupled with his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Personal Financial Planning knowledge, added to the firm’s investment management and tax integration skills. Bill and Geoff worked together up until Bill’s retirement in 2000.

Geoff’s client dedication and perseverance launched the practice from a small local firm into a nationally recognized, award winning, wealth management practice. The firm is now large enough to help meet the needs of most clients while small enough to provide personalized financial planning and tax integration services.


The past four decades have seen changes in both income and estate tax laws, as well as multiple changes in investment products. Clients have relied on SPC to help guide them through these challenges while keeping them focused on their individual goals and objectives.

We are proud to introduce to you our highly skilled team of financial advisors, who continue SPC's legacy of exceptional client service, while sharing their extensive wealth management and investment expertise.


It is our belief, individuals are often challenged in achieving long term financial objectives, as a result of volatile investment environments, changing income, estate tax laws, and potential complexities of employer provided benefits.

At SPC our clients are provided with a comprehensive wealth management, tax integrated financial road map, comprised of a wide spectrum of integrated financial techniques & strategies... including Risk Management, Asset Allocation, College Planning, Estate and Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Legacy Planning, Wealth Preservation, and Portfolio Management.